Art illiteracy

The Art of Painting and Drawing can be seen as a language. One needs to learn to speak and understand it.
On one hand, the writers: They need talent, inspiration, practice, and patience, which is the result of love in this case.
Then, the readers: the more one understands a language (that also takes learning and doing a lot of reading), the more one can appreciate it.
Some people write news articles, or sms-es. These are generally understood by everyone. The visual art equivalent would be street art (Banksy for instance), or a cute scribble/drawing made by someone who picked up the pencil just a minute before and has a simple story to tell. The public who stops at this kind of appreciation misses what visual art has still to offer: the Shakespeares, the Haikus, the (Slam) Poetry.
Art is open to everyone, to produce, to appreciate. But to transmit a feeling, to share a personal view of life, both training, love for the “job” and great patience is necessary. To understand the value of the visual art and grow from it, one needs to understand the language and take the time to observe it. Most of these “virtues” are neither taught nor encouraged by the society.
Basically, I wrote the same thing twice, using different words. This, for instance, is a “writing strategy”. All this and more must be learned from the betters.
Art without a public cannot exist. Artist without art cannot exist. Everyone loses.