happy 31st of January 2018

Everyone wishes us a happy new year and then, starting right away in January, they smack you with bills:
– rent is up
– town tax (I live in a small town in a small Western country) is 470 euros. That’s for… that’s right, who the fuck knows what that is for?
– water taxes 150 euros
– environment cleaning tax 380 euros
– extra health insurance (once a year, on top of the monthly) is 360 euros
– “regular” taxes, in case your income tax was not covering all you have earned.
Of course, as we hear quite often, the big sharks pay shit. The Dutch royal house pays shit, they just get money from us. And they’re slightly poorer than Zuckerberg and Bill Gates put together.
Life, however, IS much better in 2018 for the average Western sucker (especially is you get to suck a nice piece) but be clear about the face of the 21st century capitalism.
By the way, Happy 31st of January 2018! It will only happen once in your life so celebrate it as good as you can, not just the commercial days they encourage you to celebrate by buying some shit and express your love through shopping.

The Greeks have a greeting at the beginning of every month: Khalomina (good month). I have one for every morning I wake up and at night, when I dive into my dreams, I tell them “hello, Im back with you for some hours, let’s enjoy this time!”
And keep ur eyes on the sky tonight, it’ll be a huge Blood Moon (eclipse) and it’s free to enjoy