The Night of the Wild Poppies

50x70cm oilnightofthewildpoppies


The first 15 months of drawing

Looking back, I think I could have been more confident, more free with the pencil. Like I am now (I dont care what others will think, I draw, sometimes not even looking at the paper. That’s not drawing but doodling but it relaxes me, surprises me and it feels good. I wont share those though…)

Painting on walls

Some 5 years ago, moved by some street art I saw in several EU cities (and others, via books), I delighted myself with wall painting.
As it is mostly illegal, I tried first in the sleeping room, then I bought some cheap canvas framed, plastered them up and had a go.
As I like doodling, I “doodled” with a surgical knife, making some stencils. Part of the result is here. I even had an exhibition in Amsterdam but still need to find the photos…