Science and Art – the tools for discovery

The Old Masters of the Renaissance, viewed from today’s perspective, were wrong about the subjects. Most, not all of them. But they did what they could, to earn the buck, for instance portraits of boring rich men. That’s when they had fun painting amazing robes, though most of that work was done by the studio apprentice.
They painted old men in frocks, with tiaras on their heads, as the Popes and Cardinals were the main commissioners. (but watch that glow in the ring on the arthritic hand!)
They painted fat babies pointing at the sky, Madonnas holding them with sadness because, as the church preaches, they knew their baby was going to be crucified at some point in the future.
They painted fat, ugly women from Amsterdam or Mona Lisas, genetically deformed kings or semi-nude women modeled from men (not sure Michelangelo ever saw a naked woman, not that he was much interested in the subject).
Follow the subject and you will know in which year the work was executed. Because painting prostitutes was done much later, unless you name was the Damned Caravaggio.
But the Old Masters knew how to work like gods! Some of them, not all.
That’s why we go and stare at fat babies and Mona Lisas. Let’s be honest, Mona Lisa is not really the woman you’d like to hang out with, in today’s iconography she’d be a hair salon worker in a small French town. That’s where she probably lost her eyebrows.
But just like a coiffeuse from a village can be visually unappealing yet an intriguing human being, so are the classical paintings.
There’s so much happening on that small canvas: the layers of colors, mixed and applied in secret methods, the eyes of the subject, the lights that roll the story like a movie, the size of the painting, all that make you listen. Mostly, they make you listen to yourself: emotions and thoughts bouncing inside your soul, in response to what the work of art throws at you.
At the end of the day, it’s just a canvas with some colors on it, nothing more spectacular, in terms of material presence. The work itself though, functions like a micro- and telescope, bringing together the outside with your inside. And the Scientist doing that is called the Artist.
The Museum is the place where we’re lucky to see works otherwise inaccessible, unless you’re a zillionaire who collects and even takes the time to speak with such works of art.
Save for the church works translating to illiterate people the word of the scripture, before the advent of the Museum, the art was made for private eyes: study rooms, salons, boudoirs.
The work was subject to light changes during the day and the season. A good work had continuously something else to reveal; the eyes watching belonged to a person that continuously changed.
That’s why Art was and sometimes is Alive, that’s how I try to savor it.


happy 31st of January 2018

Everyone wishes us a happy new year and then, starting right away in January, they smack you with bills:
– rent is up
– town tax (I live in a small town in a small Western country) is 470 euros. That’s for… that’s right, who the fuck knows what that is for?
– water taxes 150 euros
– environment cleaning tax 380 euros
– extra health insurance (once a year, on top of the monthly) is 360 euros
– “regular” taxes, in case your income tax was not covering all you have earned.
Of course, as we hear quite often, the big sharks pay shit. The Dutch royal house pays shit, they just get money from us. And they’re slightly poorer than Zuckerberg and Bill Gates put together.
Life, however, IS much better in 2018 for the average Western sucker (especially is you get to suck a nice piece) but be clear about the face of the 21st century capitalism.
By the way, Happy 31st of January 2018! It will only happen once in your life so celebrate it as good as you can, not just the commercial days they encourage you to celebrate by buying some shit and express your love through shopping.

The Greeks have a greeting at the beginning of every month: Khalomina (good month). I have one for every morning I wake up and at night, when I dive into my dreams, I tell them “hello, Im back with you for some hours, let’s enjoy this time!”
And keep ur eyes on the sky tonight, it’ll be a huge Blood Moon (eclipse) and it’s free to enjoy