The artist thanks you for re-blogging

NeuronValley, my Etsy shop. I only make/sell unique works, no duplicates. Very affordable prices. Galleries would add 45-50% to the price listed on Etsy. Etsy charges only 3.5% but I need to find the people who will adopt my babies (You guessed right, my works are my babies)
If you like (and yet not ready to buy original art), please at least reblog. The artist thanks you.


The first 15 months of drawing

Looking back, I think I could have been more confident, more free with the pencil. Like I am now (I dont care what others will think, I draw, sometimes not even looking at the paper. That’s not drawing but doodling but it relaxes me, surprises me and it feels good. I wont share those though…)

Painting on walls

Some 5 years ago, moved by some street art I saw in several EU cities (and others, via books), I delighted myself with wall painting.
As it is mostly illegal, I tried first in the sleeping room, then I bought some cheap canvas framed, plastered them up and had a go.
As I like doodling, I “doodled” with a surgical knife, making some stencils. Part of the result is here. I even had an exhibition in Amsterdam but still need to find the photos…