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Exposure to (Human) Nudity

I’ve been to the naturist beach ever since I can remember. (that’s me, before color tv)

I saw naked children and adults long before my sexuality started to awaken.
When that happened, I took another mind lane, where nudity was private, intimate, sexual. But that view didn’t cancel my previous one.
Going to a museum I was never aroused by the nudity in art, I hear some people are.
Yes, I giggled when I saw National Geographic photos of African tribes and masturbated when I discovered Playboy. But that again, did not stop me from seeing the Male Nudity as far more than just pornography. Even bombarded by today’s presence of pornography, a naked body for me is first of all a free human spirit and form. When some friends visit, we get naked, because we do that as well on Naturists resorts. And none thinks of sex.

The children of the past, think Greek, Roman, Persian Empires, were certainly confronted with nudity from early ages: street slaves, servants, poor people, public baths, whole families living in 1 room.

In some paintings/drawings/statues I create the image of 2 nude men interacting in various forms, even “having sex”. If you want to step in my shoes and see through my own eyes, see it like this: the sex between men for me is the confrontation of manly power, in all forms. One man possessing another could actually represent the same man, at different stages in his life or in that particular moment.
Look behind the pornography, scratch the surface. If I wanted to show pornography, I ‘d hire some porn stars and take photos or make a movie. In my works, if you see an erect cock while ure looking at an erect cock, you miss quite a lot.

Im not a closeted man, Im not confused about my sexuality, I only feel a lot of people, in this day and age, being uncomfortable addressing the subject. It feels strange to me!
If some start psychoanalyzing me, I hope I helped them out with this post. Others, hope they’ll enjoy the images I create.