to the Male Hooker

Many years ago I lived not far from a place where men worked the street. With some I chatted, I’m fond of extraordinary surviving life stories, especially in the western world where I live. Throughout the years I read books, accounts of a reality otherwise foreign to me. Moved by their life stories I started writing poems about these boys, drawing portraits for a small fee I paid the model. This statue is a one only piece dedicated to them.

bronze statue 36 cm tall (for sale) statue


The Seasons of Man

I just finished the wax version of these basreliefs.
The Seasons of Man: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.
I finished the wax basreleifs.
People who don’t speak Art would probably only see pornography.
Individual 15 mins guided tours: 5 euros.

Touch Your Art – my first Kickstarter project

Working on a series of statues (this is the first one, as explained in the video, link under) that I intend to donate to a museum, on the condition that it allows visitors to touch them. Think of visually impaired or blind people who could visit a museum… but also think of yourself, being encouraged to touch art, combine the tactile with visual experience.