The artist thanks you for re-blogging

NeuronValley, my Etsy shop. I only make/sell unique works, no duplicates. Very affordable prices. Galleries would add 45-50% to the price listed on Etsy. Etsy charges only 3.5% but I need to find the people who will adopt my babies (You guessed right, my works are my babies)
If you like (and yet not ready to buy original art), please at least reblog. The artist thanks you.


Personal Expo in Rome, Dec 2015

The Cultural Center Montesacro has kindly hosted some of my works for a second time.

I always encourage myself by saying “I sold more than van Gogh”, because an artist must also pay bills. But more than the money, Im glad a variety of people came to look at what I’ve done the last 6 months, talk with me, share impressions. And some of my “kids” got new homes to live in. I hope the owners stop now and then, look at what they bought from me and have a good feeling about it.